Sigrid Amores
Barcelona, 1989

Her artistic work seeks to represent feelings and everyday moments through the darkness. The constant balance between the spiritual and the mundane. Using the archetype of shadow as a bridge to find light, her painting becomes a constant search for clarity through somber and dark strokes. An open door to the depths of the soul from the Spanish Costumbrismo. A tribute to the pain, to the daily tear. A round trip ticket to the darkest recesses of the soul, not from the darkness of those who do not want to see, but from the clarity of those who look straight ahead. The search for light through the shadows.

She works mainly with oil paint. Her paintings are generally raw and surrounded by deep darkness. A darkness that is complemented by the light areas, which is where the importance of the message resides in most of her works. A poetic atmosphere surrounds her strokes, often broken by textures, the tearing of the fabric or the violence of the image itself.

In 2022, she exhibited at the International Contemporary Art Fair in Lucca, Italy, as well as in other national cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Gijón. Her first individual exhibition ‘Redención’ took place in November 2022 at the By Lastcrit Gallery in Barcelona. An exhibition that has 14 large-format paintings that narrate the overcoming of a duel through the study of several Apocryphal Gospels.

She is currently preparing her next exhibition.


Collective Show ‘JADE’, Espacio Bellas Artes, Curated by Ylenia Martinez / Cáceres 2023
Solo Show
 ‘REDENCIÓN’, Galería By Lastcrit. Curated by Azahara García / Barcelona 2022
Collective Exhibition, Galería Gaudí / Madrid 2022
International Contemporary Art Fair, Lucca Art Fair. Real Collegio di Lucca. Curated by Ana Chiclano / Lucca, Italia 2022
Collective Exhibition ‘Paisaje’, Gallery LaSalita. Curated by Marianna Nieddu / Gijón 2022
Collective Exhibition ‘Femmes Vandales, BCN-Hamburg Exhibition’, B-Murals Gallery. Curated by Bubbles and Bona Berlin / Barcelona 2022
Collective Exhibition, Canal Gallery / Barcelona 2022


Sigrid Amores examina la figura de la mujer en el evangelio apócrifo de Maria Magdalena. PAC Plataforma  de arte contemporáneo / Octubre 2022

Sigrid Amores busca la Redención de Maria Magdalena. Liceo Magazine / Octubre 2022

Redención, Sigrid Amores. LeCool Barcelona / Octubre 2022

Redemption, Sigrid Amores. Frikifish / Octubre 2022

Cómo utilizar el arte urbano para transformar la sociedad y el espacio público. Revista Gràffica / Mayo 2022 

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